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David Nguyen – CEO & Founder of Hue Food Tour and valued customers from Canada

We believe food is one of the most intimate windows to culture, history and people, and one of the most authentic ways to explore a city. Every dish has a story behind it.

Our passion is discovering hidden culinary gems in the sprawling metropolis of Hue and our mission is to share them with you, dishing up culture, tradition and people behind the savory treats along the way.

We don’t like tourist traps as much as you don’t. From street vendors to royal Hue cuisine, we only share authentic tastes and experiences – so that you have the knowledge to explore and eat in Hue with confidence, or as we like to say, like a local.

Come experience real food, real people and real community. Let us fill your stomachs with delicious authentic food and open your eyes to the intimate stories of Hue and Vietnam’s everyday culture.

We guarantee to awaken your senses and tickle your tastebuds!

Why Join Hue Food Tour?

Support local, family-owned restaurants

We are a very responsible company. We always use and support local, family-owned restaurants what make our city or neighborhood unique and are going to make our food tour different from a competitors. Those are the places people are hungry to see—and taste.

Locals are equally as important as tourists

We always considers that tourists aren’t just from far away. They can be from just down the road. Locals can be our biggest brand ambassadors and a big market for our business. They’re also most likely to repeat our experience. It’s important to provide an experience that they would enjoy too.

History and Culture Experiences

Our food tour is absolutely unique. It’s not only about the food, but also how it’s linked to local history and culture. It’s more likely to create a long-lasting memory. We want to make sure we’re telling stories through the experiences, not just eating.

Culinary Trained Tour Guides

Our license tour guides are trained specifically on food, culture, and history. They are culinary experts and know about food history, food ingredients, and tips and tricks. Best of all, they are very articulate on presenting the food in the fun and engaging way.


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