Hue Food Tour is proud to share our signature Hue Street Food Tours offering exclusive access to unique cultural experiences and special interests. Our food tour Hue takes you off the tourist path, to experience the real taste of the Hue city. Enjoy one of Vietnam’s most pleasurable passions and let all your senses come alive, with delicious tastings in locally loved venues. In between tastings, receive an insight into the culture and customs which define the Hue City. Be guided by well-educated and professional food experts. At Hue Food Tour, Locals are equally as important as tourists. We always support local, family-owned restaurants. Showcase dishes with a local story, both talk about the food and the farmers that supply it. All food allergies and restrictions can be accommodated for. Group sizes are limited to 12 people.

We invite you to join on a unique history & culture experience through Hue, Vietnam and beyond.