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Hue Street Food Tour by Cyclo

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  1. “David has done an excellent job packing in a *lot* of Hue’s distinctive cuisine into 4 hours. He also gives each guest a printout of all the dishes, which is helpful for reviews like this! He does a great job pacing things (the cyclo helps with that, as it ferries increasingly full attendees from spot to spot), ensuring that the bigger stops are interspersed with smaller bites. David’s tour took us to excellent places for favorites like bun bo hue, the royal delicacy of banh khoai, and endless yummy rice and tapioca dumplings. No good street food tour in Vietnam is complete without a trip to the central market, and David’s was excellent, emphasizing all the major fruits, vegetables, and herbs and their various uses both in Vietnamese food and wellness. He very expertly served a few at each stop that nicely complemented each meal. David then capped it off with a last, very picturesque venue along the river for iced coffee before we said our goodbyes. This tour is ideal for helping you get your bearings in Hue’s thriving food scene, and you will *not* go hungry! We found ourselves going back to 1 or 2 spots because the offerings were so good.”

  2. “We travel regularly for food and always seek out knowledgeable guides to learn about local dishes. Mr. David showed us the amazing cuisine of Hue and central Vietnam. We tasted a great variety of dishes in the 4-hour cyclo tour and he explained the stories and ingredients behind them. He also took us to the central market and explained the ingredients used in Vietnamese cuisine. David was excellent company during the well organized tour. All of the places we visited were amazing and we wouldn’t have found them by ourselves. We ended the tour satisfyingly full, and yearning to return. I would absolutely recommend Mr. David and Hue Food Tour.”

  3. “I booked this as a birthday treat for myself and family. David is an amazing guide. So well organised and thoughtful, my son expressed an interest in the coffee strainers and at the end of our tour David presented us with one each and some sesame sweets. Well prepared, cleaning eating utensils and mindful of hygiene. I know that when we get home we’ll be talking about this tour as the highlight of our holiday. We ate so many things that by ourselves we never would have tried.”

  4. “We had a wonderful food tour with Hue Food Tour. We were picked up on a cyclo from our hotel and even got rain covers when there was a downpour. Very informative tour of the market, and the food was brilliant- lots of places we would never have found otherwise. We also took the cyclo to old town and the tour had a lot of information about the history and culture behind the dishes. The coffee at the end was divine and our guide even gave us a small vietnamese coffee filter as a gift. Definitely the best thing we did in Hue!

  5. “First of all – this is a great tour and David was an AMAZING guide. My husband and I did a lot of street food tours in Vietnam (an almost embarrassing amount of them) and this was definitely one of the best. It was our first time in cyclos, which was a pretty cool experience (although by the end of the tour, I felt pretty bad for them pushing our full bellies around town). We tried so many different foods (we had the best Bun Bo Hue, by far, of our entire trip on this tour) and David was so great at explaining the food, and by extension the history and culture of Hue and Vietnam. He was so knowledgeable and so accommodating when answering our questions. He also took us through the big market in town, and I’m so glad he did. I don’t think I would have felt comfortable going through on my own (few of the vendors spoke English as far as I could tell) and we got one of our most favourite souvenirs from the entire trip to Vietnam – 2 sets of Vietnamese coffee makers. We use them all the time! Davvid’s tour is really fantastic, the cyclo drivers were so sweet (they didn’t speak much English but they were so polite and accommodating), David is an amazing guide and the food was spectacular – so diverse and so much flavour.”

  6. “We’ve been on food tours all over the world, and this one was one of the best. David is so knowledgeable and enthusiastic, the foods were all interesting and delicious, and the cyclos were a lot of fun (and made touring in the rain quite comfortable). David is also fanatical about cleanliness, so you should have absolutely no concerns about food hygiene. My favorite part was the market tour – I was constantly pointing at things and asking David, “what’s that??” and he patiently answered all our questions. We learned so much (and not just about food – he answered our questions about ancestor worship practices as well). I’d wholeheartedly recommend this tour to anyone who wants to gain a deeper understanding of Vietnamese cuisine and culture.”

  7. “We’ve done a street food tour in Hanoi which at the time we thought was great but this tour with David is far superior. This was the first activity we did after getting into town and going around on the Cyclo’s was a great introduction to the city. There was only the two of us but the tour lasted almost 4 hours. David gave us a list of 16 local dishes we’d be trying, all of them delicious, but especially the Bun Bo Hue which was crazy good. Another thing I loved about this tour is that David took us through the central market and actually explained how and what they cook with all the different fresh produce. The central market in Hue is one of the best I have seen in Vietnam. This was a great afternoon and money well spent and the gift of local coffee at the end was a lovely touch to end the day. Personally, I highly recommend this tour.”

  8. Traveling in a foreign country can be a daunting task. To my rescue comes…. David Nguyen at “Hue Food Tour”.
    Now….. Just for one moment envision a Culinary Tour of Hue, Vietnam on a cyclo.
    Imagine …..
    The sky is a beautiful pink with the sun is falling in the west, it is dusk. An informative, wonderful Vietnamese guide, with perfect English, arrives at your hotel. He escorts you outside where there are cyclos waiting to escort you on a fabulous Culinary Tour of Hue, Vietnam. Then, like a ‘queen’ riding in the cyclo traveling through the cultural city of Hue going from restaurant to restaurant listening to the exotic sights, sounds, and smells of a historical city…..
    Experience this spectacular tour yourself. If you have ever wanted to be wowed by exotic sights, sounds, and delicious food. See Hue through the expertise of a local guide, select ‘Hue Food Tour’. You won’t be disappointed!
    Thank you, David, for the BEST Culinary Experience one could ever wish for!

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