Vietnam Cuisine Dessert

Vietnam Desserts We Must Try

Things that you eat at the end of a meal might decide the last taste that delights your delicate palate, and here are top 7 Vietnam cuisine desserts to savor when you’re in this beautiful country. Vietnam does not lack the yummy desserts to please you, especially these top 7 sweet gruels.

#1: Three Color Sweet Gruel (Chè Ba Màu)

During the indulgent Vietnam dessert adventure, foodies are likely to come across the Three Color Dessert named “Chè Ba Màu” in the restaurant, eateries, and street carts. This dessert includes three layers of the yellow mung bean paste, of red beans, and of green jelly which are all topped with coconut milk. The three layers of color make it the eye-catching Vietnamese dessert which later turns out to be mouth-watering. Often, the dessert is severed in a mug or cup, added with ice and eaten by a long spoon. Especially when it’s hot outside, eating this top dessert in Vietnam cuisine helps patrons feel fresh and easy.

Vietnam Cuisine Dessert
Three color sweet gruel (Chè Ba Màu)

#2: Corn Pudding (Chè Bắp)

“Chè Bắp” has ingredients of the sweet corn and glutinous rice (or tapioca starch). This is a popular sweet Vietnamese dessert served in a bowl or glass and added with ice to enhance the taste. The corn pudding is most popular in the central region of Vietnam, especially in the markets of Hoi An Old Town. The sweet taste of the dish is derived naturally from the corn, and it is quite healthy. It’s a great choice if you order a bowl of corn pudding to relish at the end of the Vietnamese meal. Often, this sweet pudding might be added with coconut milk syrup and sesame seeds. Served warm or cold, this is a fascinating summer treat to discover.

Vietnam Cuisine Dessert
Corn pudding (Chè Bắp)

#3: Rice Ball Soup With Ginger (Chè Trôi Nước)

This sweet soup consists of the glutinous rice flour ball that wraps the mung bean paste inside. The glutinous rice dumplings are dipped in a ginger sauce and should be served hot. Generations of the Vietnamese love this dessert, notably in the festive periods or any special event like the first birthday of a child. The soup is sweet and yummy enough to leave a strong impression in the foodies. The name of this food literally means “floating on water.” It is because when being steamed, the rice balls rise from the base of the pot to float on the surface of the soup. In a chilly night, “Chè Trôi Nước” with the warm ginger syrup is the healthy and chewy dessert that the empty belly want. The food tour to Hanoi should include this dessert which is recognizable for the chewy rice ball, golden gooey sauce, and aromatic ginger.

Vietnam Cuisine Dessert
Rice ball soup with ginger (Chè Trôi Nước)

#4: Banana Sweet Soup (Chè Chuối)

The world of Vietnamese sweet gruels has a solid place for the banana soup made with pieces of banana wrapped in the sticky rice flour, dipped in the coconut milk, and topped with sesame seeds and peanuts. The sweetness of this condensed soup is naturally from the Vietnamese banana and coconut milk. It is healthy and detectable that wins the foodies’ praises for the top Vietnam desserts. In fact, “Chè Chuối” is in favor of many local connoisseurs who like to eat it hot. While chewing the banana pieces, slurping the coconut milk is highly enjoyable. There are two versions of banana sweet soups to eat: the steamed banana dipped in the hot coconut milk, and the grilled banana rolled in the sticky rice served with coconut milk. With the sweet and creamy flavor, this pudding-like dessert is a must to eat in Vietnam.

Vietnam Cuisine Dessert
Banana sweet soup (Chè Chuối)

#5: Sweet Gruel Of Potato, Taro, And Cassava (Chè Bà Ba)

This gruel has major ingredients of potato, taro, and cassava which are cooked in a coconut milk. The result is the sweet and delicious dessert that is often made by the local mothers. Served warm, the soup becomes the fantastic treat at the end of the meal that delights people around the dining table. Also, it’s easy to find the eateries and street carts that sell “Chè Bà Ba” along the Vietnam street food tour, especially in the famous Ho Chi Minh City.

Vietnam Cuisine Dessert
Sweet gruel of potato, taro, and cassava (Chè Bà Ba)

#6: Sweet Dessert Of Cheese Jelly, Almond, And Longan (Chè Khúc Bạch)

Including a mixture of cheese jelly, almond, and longan or litchi, “Chè Khúc Bạch” is a favorite sweet dessert in Hanoi Vietnam. Most of the eateries and food carts in the city have this tasty gruel on their menus. The while and transparent appearance of this food attracts eyes while its sweet and fresh taste is praiseworthy. There was even a period when most of the young Hanoians fall in love with this gruel that drove lots of coffee shops and restaurants there to update their menus. It was a trend at that time. Even now, this dessert is still popular all over Vietnam, and some local foodies still prefer it at the end of lunch. Together with the original version, “Chè Khúc Bạch” today can appear in different types, such as with cocoa, chocolate, strawberry, green tea, etc.

Vietnam Cuisine Dessert
Sweet dessert of cheese jelly, almond, and longan (Chè Khúc Bạch)

#7: Vietnamese Sweet Soup Of Longan And Lotus Seed (Chè Long Nhãn Hạt Sen)

Derived from Hue, this kind of sweet gruel reflects the quintessence of Vietnam dessert cuisine which used to serve the Kings and royal families. With ingredients of longan and lotus seeds, this sweet soup is very helpful on completion. The taste is fresh and appetizing thanks to the healthy fruits used. Served warm or cold, the soup is said to be able to calm your mind, decrease stress or fatigue degrees, and also enhance the quality of sleep. The positive remedial effects of this gruel are realistic, and local people prefer cooking it at home to eat on a regular basis.

Vietnam Cuisine Dessert
Vietnamese sweet soup of longan and lotus seed (Chè Long Nhãn Hạt Sen)

The sweet gruel or “Chè” in Vietnam often include fruits, seeds, bean, tapioca powder, and glutinous rice. Also usually topped with coconut milk, these delectable popular Vietnam cuisine desserts make local and international foodies their fans who are addicted to the sweet yummy taste.

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